School Council

School Council 2015-2016

School Council members are made up of KS1 and KS2 students, voted for each year by their peers. They occasionally meet during class time, and occasionally during their break times, to discuss key issues in the running and development of the school.

Reps have to feed back from meetings to the rest of their class, and seek their class’ opinions and ideas for meetings. This may be about a specific issue that the Headteacher would like to consult children

Two representatives from each class the Woodpeckers, Owls and Robins take part in the School Council


This year the School Council have researched new football goals, given ideas to the Ilam School Association for further equipment that might benefit the school, and undertaken a children’s consultation about educational use of the new iPads.

We do not ask the Ducks to send a representative to School Council, but instead children feed back relevant information to them and ask for their ideas in a way appropriate to their age, through drawing, pictures and informal discussion.

In 2015 – 2016 we will post minutes of our meetings here.