Ilam offers excellent pre-school provision for children over 3.  Set in the heart of the Peak District, young children have a beautiful backdrop in which to learn outdoors and have fun. The older pupils are extremely nurturing towards the younger children and help to make the transition from home to school, a most enjoyable one.

Morning sessions are held between 9am and 12pm, whilst the afternoon runs between 1.15pm and 3.15pm. Whilst parents are very welcome to pick up their child at 12pm, we encourage nursery children to stay at school for their dinner.  Dinner time is an ideal opportunity for children to eat together, play together and to make friends.

Dinner Time

Cost of dinner from September 2015 will be £2.10 per day, making a weekly payment of £10.50 subject to change.  Correct money in a named purse/envelope is appreciated and collected on Monday mornings. Payment may also be made half term by cheque made payable to Staffordshire County Council.  Children 5 to 7 years Lunch is free of charge. A menu and more information on morning snacks can be viewed on the site.

Dietary needs

If your child is Vegetarian or has specific dietary requirements please tell us.

Nursery Fees

The fee to stay for lunch time is £3 and £9 for either a morning or afternoon session. 15 hours can be covered by nursery funding.


Nursery children are expected to wear the school uniform and P.E. attire (if attending on a Thursday morning). To view uniform specifications and an order form, please click here.

Coming to School

The staff will receive your child at school from 8.50a.m. Please to come into the classroom door where your child will be welcomed into school. Please use the door at the rear of the classroom.

Home time

Please collect your child from the classroom door at the rear of the school. If your child leaves at lunch time you will need to sign your child out with Miss Compton or Mrs Goldstraw.

Please tell your child and his/her teacher who will be collecting them.  The teacher will not let the children leave until they have been collected from school by an adult familiar to themselves or the child. Children are informed to return back into the school if parents are not there to collect them


If your child has any allergies or health problems, tell us so we can be prepared.

How you can help

It would be helpful if your child could, at least, attempt the following:-

  • Dress themselves, putting clothes on in the right sequence
  • Fasten buttons, press studs, zips
  • Put on shoes
  • Put on coat
  • Fasten own coat
  • Go to the toilet unaided
  • Wash and dry their own hands
  • Use a knife and fork

Do not worry if your child can’t manage some tasks – we will be there to help.

What your child will do at school

School is fun!  There is so much to do and so much to discover.  Your child may think they are ‘just playing’, when actually, they are ‘learning through play’ – a most important part of a child’s education. Nursery children develop all sorts of skills during this period including:

  • Personal, social and emotional development;
  • Communication, language and literacy;
  • Problem solving, reasoning and number;
  • Knowledge understanding of the world;
  • Physical development;
  • Creative development.

Ilam School aims to educate the ‘whole child’ and, therefore, places great importance on strong links between home and school. To develop this further we will run sessions for parents on different aspects of the Early Years curriculum so that you can gain a greater understanding of what and how your child is learning.

Both of the practitioners in the Early Years class have an up to date paediatric first aid qualification to cope with any bumps and grazes.

Please tell us about any worries or concerns your child may have – even if they seem trivial.

If there is anything you wish to know, please come and ask.


If you would like more information please contact the school office, or if you would like to fill out an application form for the nursery, please click here.