National Curriculum

Here at Ilam School we teach all of the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum 2014, however we only teach parts of the non-statutory requirements that we know will be of benefit to our children.  This allows us to be creative and to follow the interests of the children which in turn aids motivation for learning.

For the last four years at Ilam School, during and through curriculum developments, we have been developing our local creative curriculum, adapting learning to needs and to local events significant to children. Each topic chosen is broad, to cover at least five traditional subjects, so that children experience opportunities to connect learning to real life, at the same time as understanding the specific content and skills areas of different disciplines such as Geography, for example.

As the topics are delivered, children’s questions and curiosity feed into the direction of enquiries, often influencing the learning and taking it in new directions, whilst allowing core content identified by teachers to be covered. This process also allows for differentiation and responsive teaching based on clarifying missed concepts, building a strong learning foundation. This flexible process may mean that some learning sessions follow a different path to that originally set at the beginning of a year or term, but that the new path has been identified as relevant and meaningful by the teachers and learners, considered to fit the broad and balanced local curriculum.

Examples of local events that inspire learning at Ilam:

  • Flower Festival
  • Harvest
  • Dovedale Fete
  • Growing seasons
  • Ashbourne Arts Festival
  • Christmas festivities in Ashbourne
  • Sporting events held locally

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