Eco Committee

Children at Ilam take part in eco and environmental themed activities in and out of the classroom, in learning time and free time, throughout the year. We have a strong eco ethos and children care for their environment as much as each other, choosing to volunteer their time to maintain their environment, look after the school gardens and nature. They also take interest in environmental issues through their learning in creative curriculum topics. In addition to this, we formally record and drive eco activities through our eco committee.

We formed our Eco Council in Key Stage Two and completed an Environmental Review from July – September 2014. This looked at the following areas around the school, identifying positive steps towards protecting the environment, and targets to meet in the future. These targets will drive our committee work in 2015-2016.

•Waste/ Recycling
•Heathly Living
•School Grounds
•Global Perspective
•Green Procurement


Healthy Living is also a successful area of school life, and all children have the chance to plant seeds and watch plants grow. We have a newly finished Shelter in the Learning Hub, which is a gardening and outdoor area, and this shelter allows learning to take place outside at all times of the year, whether related or unrelated to eco activities.

The Eco Club has developed further this year as an after school club where children have fun in nature. Activities have included bark boats, mud pie caf, shelter-building, measuring tree heights, identifying trees, ancient people activities and lots of laughter. The club will continue in Autumn 2015.

Next steps for the Eco Committee and for Ms Wilson as Eco Schools Co-ordinator in 2015-2016 will involve creating an Eco Code that incorporates values we consider important, and working towards the Silver Award through meaningful activities.


During the summer term 2014 we regularly collected litter from around the school grounds at Eco Club, as well as using recycled bottles to construct a greenhouse. In the autumn the Eco Committee looked at use of electricity in school and made some recommendations to staff and pupils. We need to evaluate the effectiveness of this during 2015-2016.

In September 2014 we applied for and were awarded our Eco Schools Bronze Award for progress so far.

We had a Biodiversity Day of learning in the Woodpeckers class, which identified some ways to encourage biodiversity further around the school site. The Eco Committee took this forwards by designing a new area of the school with biodiversity in mind.

Throughout the year all children of all ages in the school participate in global learning activities, whether learning about where cocoa comes from and Fairtrade certification, or building an African Keyhole Garden, we are very proud of our learning about the world at Ilam School. This means that the Global Perspective area of the Eco Schools programme is a very strong one.


Eco Committee for 2015-16

Members are:

Daisy Frampton, Edward Smith, Alistair Pike and Ruby Allen.

Eco-club will not run in 2015-2016 but children, including the Y6 helpers team, help staff complete outdoor activities at lunchtime when opportunities arise. This has so far included tidying leaves, making columns for the greenhouse, and planting bulbs. It often also includes litter-picking.